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Boccia is the Italian variant of the game of boules, in which the aim is to place one's own balls as close as possible to a smaller target ball (pallino) or to shoot the opponent's balls away from the pallino . Boccia is also known as a precision sport.

With boccia, social, communicative, cognitive, motor and sensory skills are addressed, consolidated or practiced in a playful way. Community, sociability and communication are thus promoted.

And because the young start-up gymmyzz® thinks it's so great, they developed "gymmyzz® Soft Boccia", which can be played both indoors and in the forest, on a meadow, on the beach or wherever.

The game is suitable for players aged 5-99 - due to the size and weight, the balls are relatively easy to pick up and throw.

In order to ensure the best possible quality, each individual ball is painstakingly handcrafted.

And if you don't have any other players around, the balls can also be used as juggling balls, target balls, haptic balls or for throwing cans.

  • perfect fun for young and old
  • Indoor & outdoor - due to the design and filling with millet, the balls can also be used very well indoors without scratching the floors.
  • Set consisting of 3x2 balls plus a small target ball in a closable cloth bag
  • Washable with water - free of metal and plastic additives.
  • Handmade in Europe
  • The upper is made of vegan synthetic leather and the filling is made of natural millet - the seams are extra strong, so that the best possible quality and durability is guaranteed.
  • Balls can be used in a variety of ways due to their design and can also be used as throwing balls, for juggling or tossing cans. Perfect, versatile and varied fun is guaranteed in any case.

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