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Our recommendation for this month - "PITCHI"

Pitschi is the smallest and finest of old Lisette's five kittens. Pitschi is different from his siblings; it runs away and wants to be a rooster, then a goat, a duck, a rabbit - until it is finally afraid to die in the dark rabbit hutch when the owl and the fox come threateningly close. Luckily, old Lisette finds the kitten and takes it home. The next day Pitschi is ill - but not for long, because the kitten is being spoiled and cared for by everyone and will soon be able to celebrate with the other animals. Pitschi realizes that being a kitten is the best thing.

Author: Hans Pfister


Das Herzstück im Tiger-Fink bilden wie es der Name schon sagt die "Tigerfinkli" - bereits um 1900 von der Firma Bally ins Leben gerufen, stehen Sie für ein Stück Schweizer Kulturgut.